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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting the job done. . .

When working at many jobs, as I do -- mystery shopper, writer, artist, respite care worker, Mary Kay lady, volunteer band booster officer, and mother of 5 (Happy Birthday, Ted!) -- sometimes it's hard to stay organized and on task. This is especially difficult when you end up staying up till 3 with parents who are ill and worried, and getting up at 6:45 to get your kids to school. But, what I like to keep in mind is this: this part of my life is a limited time offer. There will be a day when my parents will be without pain and worry, but I will be without their dear presence in my life. There will come a time when my children will be grown and gone, tending to children of their own. As a single parent, I may be all alone, and have no one to need me late at night or early in the morning. Those wee-hour talks with my mother will be over. My 10 year old will be 20 or 30, and not need me to put her hair in a ponytail for her, or help her find a clean shirt. These are the days I will look back on and wish for again.

While you are struggling to make ends meet, or earn more in your life, don't lose sight of what it's ultimately all about: those you love, and who love you. I can live without money, of that I'm sure. I've even done well at it. But, without someone to know, love and serve, life and everything in it is hollow and meaningless.

Today, I went to the Attorney General's office with child support documents to start the ball rolling again, I went on two mystery shops, and I bought my dad a ream of printer paper to pay him back for the ream he lent me. This afternoon, I'll spend a couple of hours with one of my respite care clients. I'm working a lot, but not making enough yet. It seems like slow going right now, but I'd rather go slow than lose sight of all the blessings I am being showered with right now. I know that, no matter what I'll end up with more than

A Million in a Year!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy times!

Hello again, at long last, and thank you for staying around! I am glad to announce the publishing of my new book, "Get Paid to Eat, Shop and Put Gas in Your Car!" It's all about mystery shopping, field evaluation and other "shopping" ways of earning money! It's a great read, and gives step by step instructions about how to get into the Field Evaluation Profession, as well as a list of over 75 companies that are looking to hire Field Evaluators now.

It's amazing. I am learning so much about myself during this one-year odyssey! I have been praying for guidance, and for the strength to do what I've set out to do, and it seems that lots of forces want to keep me from succeeding. There is a power (more like an "anti-power") that is against any positive move upward, and I know it's going to try everything it can to keep me from doing what I say I'll do. A few weeks ago, the computer and phones went out unexpectedly for almost a week. My kids have been sick. My parents have been cranky. Family members are graduating and having mandatory celebrations that keep me away from my primary goal in droves. My mother even took a fall on both artificial knees, and had to go to the ER. It's really been difficult to stay on task. But, I have to tell you, I am finding it strangely gratifying that all this is happening right now. Odd? Maybe, but to me, it feels like I must be going in the right direction, if all this resistance is piling up against my efforts.

It's like a movie I saw recently, called The Ultimate Gift. In short, a wealthy man dies, leaving a family that took him for granted, including his grandson, Jason, who is the only child of the son that predeceased the wealthy man. The wealthy man has left Jason "a series of gifts," which Jason - being as spoiled and opportunistic as the rest of his family - starts out resenting. But, as the gifts progress, the inside of Jason grows into the man he was meant to be, and the Ultimate Gift ends up being not the exorbitant amount of money Jason expected, but the huge interior wealth that he has built which makes any amount of money a tool for good in his hands.

Now, don't feel like I've given the whole thing away, because there's so much more to all of it than that, but understand that this same process is what I feel that God (my wealthy grandfather, and yours) is letting us experience. I know He has better stuff in mind for me than just a million in a year, but this idea is what gets me focused, and helps me push through when the going gets tough, and it's 1 AM (which it presently is) and I still need to do more towards my goal. Whatever it is that I earn, and I do hope for a million in a year or better, I know that the real wealth will be building the inside of me. So, I am pushing for that real wealth, not just

A Million in a Year!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back at Long Last!!

Hello again! I know it’s been a while, so you’re not up to speed on what’s been going on, and there’s lots of stuff, so stay with me!

Good news: I’ve earned some more money. I got paid by two of my mystery shopping outfits: Certified Field Associates, and Shoppers Critique. Those are the first of several shops I’ve done for them, so more money is on its way. Also, the company I do respite care for is coming through at long last. It was an accounting thing, and it’s taken a lot of faxes and phone calls, but they are finally sending money! Oh, joy!

I also did a craft fair at church, which was almost rained out, but I did make a profit, even after my expenses, and since it was almost rained out, they have another date set up for next Saturday where I can set up my table for FREE! So, I’ll bring out more stuff, and hopefully make more money. My big draw was the Magic Message Rocks that I’ve developed. When the rocks are in water, they just look like rocks, but when you take them out, dry them off and blow on them, like magic, the message on them pops up! If you’re interested in getting Magic Message Rocks, either with a random message, or with a customized one, drop me a line at amillioninayear@yahoo.com! I charge $2 for the random messages, and $5 for the customized ones. Of course, you will also be charged for shipping and handling, but that can’t be too much for a small stone.

I recently became aware that I had some information products that I am able to sell, including one on Making Money Writing Online which is awesome. Upon re-reading it, I remembered a few things I haven’t done lately that could increase my bottom line a lot! Go ahead and click here to get more information about this great source of income! Anyone who wants to work from home and can write an email can make money at this!

Well, a writer I know has a great blog called Eating Your Garden, about growing and eating your own food. She is a Master Gardener, and tells you just how to successfully grow your own vegetables and fruits, then - since she’s also a gourmet cook! - gives you delicious recipes that you can use to eat your produce! I’ve tasted some of them, and boy, are they good! Eating Your Garden, You’ll be glad you did!

Have you ever had your internet go down and stay down for several days? Or your computer go on the blink, so that you can’t do anything from your own office? Mine went down last week - hence the long silence! And I was wishing for a knight in shining armor to come and fix it for me! It turned out to be the DSL line, but if it had been the computer itself, I would’ve been in a real fix! I have a PC, but if you have a Mac and have experienced anything like this, check out my Mac Guy, Mark Hartman. He has been working with Macs for almost as long as they’ve been around! He’s worked for corporations, private individuals, and me, back when I still had a Mac. I never had any problems, as long as he was within the reach of the phone! So, there’s another one to check out!

Oh, by the way, I just set up my own Etsy Shop! I haven’t posted anything so far, but keep your eyes peeled because I’ll be doing that shortly! In case I haven’t told you, I’m something of an artist and crafter!

I guess that’s all for today! I need to get busy on some more hustling around if I’m going to make

A Million in a Year!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Long Day

Boy, this day wasn’t very productive. I guess I’m just tired from all I’ve been doing. I did get the Mary Kay order straightened out, thank God! I think I need to do a lot more with that business, because I’ve been neglecting it like crazy. I guess I also signed up to continue my Saturday Mystery Shops at the grocery store, too. And, while driving to deliver the Mary Kay products, I was listening to some training on CDs. I try to stay busy all the time, and get things going, but it IS tiring.

So, readers, am I doing this right? What would YOU do differently? I’m really winging it, but I’m trying to work like there’s no tomorrow, while sleeping only when I fall asleep at the computer. It’s probably not such a good idea. I don’t want to crash my car by falling asleep behind the wheel, or anything. I just really need to make this work. My kids need me to supply everything, since their dad isn’t doing anything to support them. I really have to get the attorney general’s paperwork back to him to get that ball rolling again, but I have been told it might take years and years more. *sigh* Well, heigh ho, heigh ho, then.

It would be so nice to have a fairy Godmother right about now. Or even a spare dollar to buy a lottery ticket. Maybe I’ll try to scare one up. The jackpot is over $200 million. Can’t even think that big tonight. Oh, well. I think I’ll go to bed and try to dream of the best way to make

A Million in A Year!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another day, another million!

At least, I’m hoping that’s how it will be! Today was another busy day. I spent the morning helping another blogger get her blog up and running. Check it out: http://eatingyourgarden.blogspot.com/. It’s a great site, and will have lots of information for those of us who’d love to be able to grow what we eat, but really don’t know how. She is also a FABULOUS cook, and will be giving out recipies as well as planting, growing and picking advice, so I for one can’t wait!

After I finished helping her, I worked with my respite care client. Her mother would love it if she could learn to read and understand numbers and money, so we take the time we spend together to do that. It beats sitting around watching television, which is all I’m really obliged to do. But, of course, that would be boring, and what purpose would it serve? So, we went out and got some index cards and made a “word family” game. She seems to be catching on. It’s always so much more fun to learn when you’re playing a game, don’t you think?

It was then that my day got a little bit off-course. You see, I have this Mary Kay customer -- a wonderful lady -- who put in an order online at my Mary Kay site . It was my first online order, and I misread it. The first time I delivered her order, I hadn’t noticed that she ordered TWO of each product, so I delivered one of each, and got an e-mail saying, “Where’s the rest?” Whoops! So I got out more inventory, arranged to borrow what I didn’t have, and made another delivery. Well, the moisturizer was the wrong one, and so I had to borrow one of those, too, since I didn’t have one in stock. I borrowed that, and the other product at last night’s meeting, and guess what? I borrowed the wrong one. I didn’t realize it until I was handing it to the lady, and boy, was she upset! I was humiliated, but I promised that I would deliver the right one tomorrow. My director was so nice about it, and said to let it roll off, since my habit is to provide prompt and reliable service, and this is just an anomaly. Normally, I’d obsess over my mistake, but I’m just going to do better in the future, and get the products (plus a little freebie and a coupon) out to her tomorrow. You know, we make mistakes, but we can learn from them and move on, so that’s what I’m doing.

After that debacle was over, I had to eat quickly and get over to my student’s house to work on this very involved “last paper of the Master’s degree.” We worked till I could see her eyes starting to close on their own, and then arranged for some more work time on Thursday and Friday nights. That should just about do it. It’ll be wonderful. She is so brilliant, but SOOOO busy! I’m glad I can be of service to her. And so glad I took that professional Copywriting Course!

Well, I guess this is just a short one tonight, but I’m tired and praying for more money. I’m now overdue for the car payment, and fearing reposession. If it happens, I’ll handle it. God knows what He’s doing, but I sure hope it doesn’t come to that. I can’t wait till I can tell the world, I made
A Million in a Year!
PS Happy Birthday, Pia!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Really busy day, but profitable!!

Hello, World! It’s the sixth day of my one-year mission to explore strange new worlds of commerce, to seek out new money making ventures and affiliate programs, to boldly go where no one I know personally has gone before! (I show my boldness by splitting the mighty infinitive, as you can see. . . )
I spent much of yesterday working with a Masters level student who is writing a paper on Moral Ethics. I am learning more about the Documents of Vatican II (Vatican: the Holy See ) , the HUAC hearings of the mid-twentieth century, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences than you can shake a stick at. Fascinating stuff!! She’s brilliant, and is sure to get a good grade in the class by writing this, as I scurry around doing fact-finding missions and editing copy.
I’m pretty good at copy. I took a Copywriting course at one time, and it’s been really helpful to me! I was able to trade a fund-raising letter I once wrote for a trip to Washington, DC for one of my kids who is a history buff. I guess it was pretty successful. I also work for the Band Boosters at my children’s school, doing fund-raising. I enjoy that. I use some of the same techniques for them that I am using for myself. I am also hoping to write them a blog, help them to establish a Zazzle.com Store like the one I have to display my designs for t-shirts, sneakers and more, and get them to monetize what they’re already doing. It’ll be really cool! I received an e-mail from Zazzle last night telling me that another purchase had been made, bringing my total up to the point where I’ll actually receive a check! That’s just so cool!
(Some hours later. . . )
I did another Mystery Shop today. It was pretty neat. I went to a tourist attraction -- a wax museum -- and though parts were sort of gee-did-that-figure-just-look-at-me-creepy, they had a display of how they actually make the faces, as well as a display of different kinds of barbed wire that were used in the old west. Amazing, the different ways they had of making fences from wire! I enjoyed it a lot. Nice way to make a living.
Then, I went home and put in my report, which took me to the time I had to pick my daughter up from school. Dropped her off, and went to work with one of my respite-care clients, who I’m trying to teach how to read. She made a break-through today, but I hope it’s a keeper. She tends to be very forgetful.
I went to my Mary Kay meeting tonight, which was a Spa Night, and there was a professional photographer there. I had some photos made -- hammy, rose-between-the-teeth pics, nice pics, and some silent movie star poses, and a thought occurred to me: perhaps she’d like to barter services! So, it looks like we may be able to work something out so we both get what we want by sharing talent! So very cool! And not only that, but my guest is going to become a Mary Kay consultant in a week (when she gets paid). It’s all working out, by the grace of God.
So, home now, and soon to bed! Tomorrow, I hope to go to the attorney general’s office to put in a request for assistance in getting child support from my ex! That would be very, very nice!
Goodnight, and dream of making
A Million in a Year!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Money At Last!!

Well, yesterday I finally made my first $25 of the year, and I’m proud of it. I made it by acting as a research assistant for a college student. I did research for a paper, took the information she gave me and put it in outline form, then helped to clean up some word choices. I then typed it up, proofread it and pronounced it finished. I normally charge $50 for all that, but this friend is a single mom, and I feel for her, so I discounted the price. I also thought that if I charged her the full $50, she might not be able to afford me, and after all, half a loaf is better than none.
I have been busily promoting this blog on the internet, and fielding replies from affiliate programs I have applied to. See below for two examples of how I’m trying to promote my blog, and get more people to come click on my links!
This first one comes from the website: http://www.personal-development-for-abundance.com/, where they help people learn to realize their full potential. I thought it would be a great way to get my idea out there, and get some advice at the same time. Who knows where the next million dollar idea will come from?

Have decided to create one million dollars in one year, starting with nothing.
I am the single mother of five kids, two grown and gone, three home and definitely HERE. I have several physical problems that affect my ability to earn in a conventional way, and a HUGE well of creativity to draw from. Learning comes easily to me, but if you know what ADHD is, it is my reason for flitting around and not getting anything completed. Maybe more like an excuse, till recently. I have been reading books from people like Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, T.Harv Eker and many others, saying, "I can do this. This would be easy!" and then NOT doing it, and NOT making money. I am now at financial rock bottom, and so I have decided to put a goal of making one million dollars in one year, and doing it in such a way that I have no choice but to succeed; I have started a blog called A Million in a Year on blogspot. I know it's a big risk to put myself out there and get all public with it, but I have to have someone to be accountable to, and I'm asking the public at large to be my forum. So, I'm trying a lot of things in person and online, and need some input. First, do you think this is a good idea to have done, and then, what would YOU do, if you had to make $1,000,000 in a year? Please let me know. Thank you.
A Millionaire in a Year

Sharon says:

Congratulations on taking massive action to achieve your goal of creating a million dollars in a year! Many people have pulled themselves out of poverty to achieve financial freedom so there is absolutely no reason you couldn't do it to.Now to answer your questions.I think "going public" is a great thing. You will likely attract like minded people to associate with who will encourage you rather than put you down. If you're like the majority of us you're bound to have plenty of well-meaning family and friends who will happily tell you that $1m in a year is impossible and ridiculous.To answer your second question of what I'd do if I had to create $1m in one year? Well, quite honestly, PANIC! And that would ensure my failure. (I still need to work on my personal development on a daily basis.)In reality what you are attempting to do is attract a million dollars to you in a year. And nothing is attracted to panic except for perhaps more panic and desperation.So, what I'd recommend is to focus more on your mindset than the how of getting a million dollars. Start by feeling gratitude for what you already have. I know it's not much but you do have the means to get your kids to school and feed them, so start with that. You also have plenty of get up go, creativity and are aware of your major obstacle (ADHD) so you can build in coping mechanisms when it threatens to derail you.How do you feel when you have to part with any money to pay for some necessity? To set yourself for success in the $1m challenge you need to feel thankful to have the money to pay and part with it willingly.Start feeling that the $1m is already yours. Get excited about the freedom that is definitely on its way to you.Keep reading inspirational and uplifting material. Start using affirmations. They are a powerful and free way to reprogram your mind for success.I'm happy to help you with your affirmations if you're unsure how to use them.Stay in touch and let us know how you're progressing.

hugs Sharon

I thought that was really nice, don't you? This next piece is from an article on AOL, about the ultimate men’s wallet. And though it looked nice, I really didn’t think it was different enough to justify a huge cost, as I’m sure it has.


Proudly handcrafted in Los Angeles, and utilizing the most authentic and sophisticated materials available, Parabellum has just launched its inaugural line of belts and premium accessories for men. By combining military grade ceramics, free-range 15 year old American Bison, DuPont Kevlar and supple lambskin, Parabellum aims for "the perfect union between luxury and utilitarianism." Honoring classic American craftsmanship and style, the Parabellum line is also totally modern. After tanning, each bison hide is meticulously selected and hand-cut for each individual item. Just as no two hides are the same, no two Parabellum products are exactly alike. All leather is hand-skived, all corners are hand-turned, and each and every item is individually numbered for identification and authenticity.Parabellum believes its Reservation Bison is the "richest, softest, most complicated and most beautiful" leather in the world. It is tanned in small batches, using old world techniques by true American artisans. Natural-tone, vegetable tanned lambskin linings are used to compliment the rugged beauty of the bison. All of their leather goods are also internally lined with Kevlar for strength and durability, and each and every Parabellum product includes laser-etched, military grade ceramic hardware for a level of true technological sophistication. Designs are military inspired as well. The full range of Parabellum belts, wallets and pouches will be initially available next month at Maxfield in Los Angeles. Key pieces include the Peace Maker belt, Instrument Case for PDAs and Comms Pouch cell phone case.

My reply:

Wow, I'm going to print this article out! I do copywriting, and if it wasn't for the glowing terms they use to describe this wallet, I'd think it looked just like the one I saw at Walmart the other day! Hmmm.. . maybe I'll just buy the one at Walmart and stick the article in the box with it. .. Honestly, who'd really know? LOL I'm also going to copy this to my blog on blogspot! One way I'll create amillion dollars in a year is NOT to buy this wallet! http://amillioninayear.blogspot.com/.

I went out to celebrate my daughter's birthday tonight, so that's all I have for now. Pray for me, so I can continue to create

A Million in a Year!